You can contribute

By Hosting Bees On Your Property

Are you interested in hosting an apiary with honeybees at your property? FoxRock Farms is looking to continue its efforts towards bee repopulation, and you can join the cause! For more detail see preferred requirements below.

Space requirements:

  • No pesticide or herbicide use
  • Minimum 1 acre with easy access for our crews to bring supplies to and from a vehicle
  • A place more than 100’ from residence or buildings to setup hives
  • Space to set up an apiary on property. This consists of a 15’ x 30’ woodchip area with a low voltage solar electric fence surrounding it. (Signage will be supplied warning people of apiary and electric fence).
  • Minimum of hosting 10 honeybee hives
  • Body of water nearby is preferred. Organic farms are preferred as well

Things to expect when hosting bees:

  • Each hive can have a population of 60,000 – 80,000 bees at peak season in July
  • Beekeepers will be coming to maintain the hives every 6 – 10 days
  • Swarms may occur at certain times of the year. We are able to collect these, but property owners should be familiar with what a swarm is so they can notify us to take care of it
  • Bee excrement can be found around areas of flight paths. This can accumulate on buildings and vehicles over time
  • Certain animals are attracted to hives. These can include: Skunks, Raccoons, and Bear

What you can get in return for hosting our hives:

  • Pollination on your farm or property
  • Honey that was made on your property
  • Educational opportunities
  • Native plant installation

If you would like a free consultation, please reach out to Peter Scavongelli at to schedule a consultation.

What types of plants are included in our pollinator garden?

For the past decade, Dr Gegear of UMass Dartmouth has been putting together this pollinator plant list. Our team worked with him and referenced this list when designing our pollinator gardens.